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  • Is your grass Pet Friendly, Child Friendly and Fire Resistant?"
    Yes, absolutley. Our grass is SGS certified meaning that our grass passes EU safety standards. Pets do not stain the turf. However it is always advised to wash your turf off with water if there are any unwanted presents left by your pets! All of our turfs are fire resistant and carry a minimum EfL fire safety rating. This does not mean this heat and fire cannot damage the turf though. If you light a chiminea or cook BBQ over it the heat can singe the turf strands and damage the quality of it! This damage will not be covered under our warranty.
  • Why can I only buy 10 Sq/M rolls or 25 Sq/M rolls?
    As a wholesaler Papa Turf can only supply our grass in quantities of 10 Sq/M and 25Sq/m rolls (1 Meter by 10 Meters and 2 Meters by 12.5 Meters). We do not cut to size. However we can accomodate specific larger projects, if you have a larger project that requires a specific size IE (4 Meters by 25 Meters) we will be happy to help. Please email
  • Does your grass have a warranty?
    Yes! Aboslutely. All of Papa Turfs grass has a minimum of a 5 year colour guarantee warranty. Some of our grasses have a 6 year warranty also. Please check on checkout which grass contains which warranty before purchase. The warranty covers a colour guarantee and does not cover wear and tear damage.
  • How do I clean my turf?
    Easily! You can wash your turf with water. Do not worry if you spill anything on the turf as it will not stain the product. Please note you cannot wash with bleach or alcohol based cleaning products on the turf as this can affect its colour which will not be covered under our warranty.
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