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We do the upmost to ensure satisfied customers.

If you have any queries about our product or order sizes please contact us at

This product is classified with an Efl Fire safety rating and is suitable for outdoor use. It is advised to keep flammable material away from the grass as this could result in permanent damage. For more information on this please visit our blog page 'Is Artificial Grass Fire Resistant'.

Please note all of our products come in pre measure rolls of 1 Meter by 10 Meters. A total area size of 10 Sq/M. 

We do not install the grass we deliver. If you wish to arrange someone to install our turf, please notify us and we can arrange a local professional on our approved list. Installation price and quotes will be dealt with between the local professional and yourself. Installation prices vary on the size of the job. Papa Turf does not accept any liability for any 3rd party professional installations or damages. 

If you have any complaints about our product please email us at We will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours. 


Papa Turf is GDPR compliant as as such provide you with information on how we use and process your data. 

WE DO NOT sell or share your data. We do not transport your data outside of the EU. 


Papa Turf uses third-party banking to verify payment and may require to use your data provided to contact you if there is an issue with payment/delivery expectations.


Your data privacy is the highest importance to Papa Turf. If you have any further questions on how your data is processed contact us on


If you have a wholesale enquiry or are a landscaper we are happy to partner with you. Papa Turf provides plenty of member benefits including flash sale discounting, first access to new turf products, bespoke sizing and referral programs.

If you are interested to find out more please contact us


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Flexifi (Coming soon)

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