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Is Artificial Grass Expensive?

This is a question that Papa Turf and our team is asked very often when we receive questions from prospective customers.

When you start your journey in exploring the world of Artificial Grass you will quickly notice what a minefield it is to navigate!

€30 per Square Meter here and 34mm Grass length there, but does the Artificial Grass feel nice? Is it safe for children? Will my pets stain my Artificial Grass? These are all questions that go with making a decision on what to do, and when you finally make that decision and you request someone to install your Artificial Grass you are blown away by the astronomical cost of the labour involved to do so! We wondered why this was the case when we started Papa Turf and in doing so we revealed that consumers are being entirely taken for a ride by suppliers who know they can make a quick hefty sum out of them.

Papa Turf is here to stop this, offering Quality Artificial Grass at Affordable prices. Providing valuable insights into how to install Artificial Turf for yourself, to avoid the many and costly traps involved when purchasing Artificial Grass.

Papa Turf has put together this guide for you. To explain the ins and out of the Artificial Grass world, what to look out for when making your Artificial Turf purchase and what options you have to install Artificial Grass Lawn cheaper.


What is the average cost for installing Artificial Grass?

By no competition, the biggest cost of installing Artificial Grass is the labour involved to do so. Do not be surprised when you receive a quotes between €40 and €50 Per Square Meter. The average cost of labour for installing a 50Sq/M garden today is between €2000-€2500 and this is the cost before you even purchase and lay your Artificial Grass!

If you have the money to hand to pay for the labour then great, but it is also worth noting that there are other alternatives that could save you €1500-€2000 on your project that is worthwhile considering.

Papa Turf works closely with local suppliers to ensure our customers receive more affordable installations. Our Papa Turf partners will prepare your garden for a fraction of that cost and likely to set you back between €10-€15 Per Sq/M. For a 50 Sq/M garden the cost of installing your Artificial Grass Lawn would be approximately €500-€750. Please be aware that this does not include the cost of the Artificial Grass.

Your other options if you wanted to shop around are websites such as Here you will receive a variety of quotes from local suppliers for you to choose from. Again here you may be able to make an additional saving on preparing your Artificial Grass area.

Of course there is always the free option which is taking on the job yourself. It is a labour of love but if the savings warrant the work then we would always recommend doing the job yourself. Preparing your garden and installing your Artificial Grass is not rocket science. Every man and his dog can do a quality job with ease, it is just up to you and whether you have the time to spare to do it!


The Cost of Buying Artificial Grass | What you Need to Know.

You must carefully consider who you pick for your Artificial Grass requirements. There are many factors to consider but if price is an important one Papa Turf has provided a comprehensive review of what to expect when purchasing your Artificial Grass.

When you google buy Artificial Grass, you will see a number of different providers offering different types of Artificial Grass for different prices. A general rule of thumb is this: If the grass length is shorter, it is likely that that cost of that grass Per Square Meter is less. But just because you pay less it does not mean that the quality of the Artificial Grass is poor.

Papa Turf conducted a study on the Irish Artificial Grass Market, taking prices from all the major retailers and Artificial Grass suppliers to give you a comprehensive overview of what to expect to pay for your Artificial Grass Per Square Meter.

15mm Artificial Grass- €11.20 Per Square Meter

20mm Artificial Grass- €15.70 Per Square Meter

25mm Artificial Grass- €21.23 Per Square Meter

30mm Artificial Grass- €26.40 Per Square Meter

35mm Artificial Grass- €31.41 Per Square Meter

40mm Artificial Grass- €37.63 Per Square Meter

In comparison Papa Turf has highlighted the cost of his Artificial Grass so you can see for yourself the saving you can make.

20mm Artificial Grass- €9.95 Per Square Meter

25mm Artificial Grass- €8.95 Per Square Meter

35mm Artificial Grass- €12.95 Per Square Meter

40mm Artificial Grass- €14.95 Per Square Meter

On a 50 Square Meter Garden Papa Turf’s Artificial Grass would save you:

20mm Artificial Grass Saving- €287.50

25mm Artificial Grass Saving- €614.00

35mm Artificial Grass Saving- €923.00

40mm Artificial Grass Saving- €1,134.00

As we mentioned above, this is the cost of the Artificial Grass and does not include the labour costs of installing or preparing your Artificial Grass Lawn.


What other costs do I need to consider for my Artificial Grass Garden?

There are other associated costs to consider when you install your Artificial Grass. This cost comes with preparing the garden for laying your Artificial Grass.

In some cases people will have poor drainage in their gardens. Unfortunately this is due to a number of reasons such as the quality of the soil and the gradient of the garden. If you find your garden is at the bottom of a valley and the ground consists of largely clay then it is a must to use other materials to assist with drainage.

In a recent blog by Papa Turf, we explained how to prepare your garden. It is not a difficult thing to do, in fact preparing your garden to lay Artificial Grass is very easy to do, the only thing you pay for it with is your own time. There are many tutorials online that explain how to Install Artificial Grass. But Papa is always here to hand, to help with any questions you will want answered.

If you want further information on how to prepare your garden if you have poor drainage please see our previous blog ‘Prepare Your Area’. Here you will see tips on how far deep you need to level your garden to, what materials you will need to assist with drainage and how you can lay your Artificial Turf on top of these materials.

The cost of additional materials can add anywhere between 10-20% to your budget. You will have to purchase rock from a local building supplier and layer on top a thin layer of sand or decomposed granite. If you have a thick layer of rock and granite you will also need to purchase a layer of shock pad.

This shock pad is designed to absorb the shock from a fall on your Artificial Lawn. Without the shock pad and with a layer of rock beneath, it is said that a fall can feel like falling on concrete. So please take considerable thought into how to prepare your garden to lay your Artificial Turf.


Summary of the Cost of Installing Artificial Grass.

In summary the costs of installing your Artificial Grass Lawn will vary due to the size of the job, whether you do the job yourself or not, and how well the area you are covering drains.

The cost can vary wildly on these three aspects however you can cut between 40-50% of your Artificial Grass cost just by doing the job yourself! It is not a hard job to do and all you require is a spade and some time.

If you feel doing it yourself is worth saving you €2000-€2500 then this is your first go to in order to save you money.

The second consideration to summarise is whether your garden will need proper preparation for laying your surface. The additional cost of extra materials to prepare it for drainage can cost customers anywhere between €200-€500 extra. If you are laying your Artificial Grass on concrete, it is recommended to purchase a shock pad layer because although there is a soft layer in the Artificial Turf itself, it will not be enough to stop or protect you from a painful fall.

Finally the third consideration is where do I purchase my Artificial Grass from. Often when you have someone do the job for you they will add to their fee the cost of the Artificial Grass. This is where Papa Turf can help. According to our research customers are spending anywhere between €300-€4000 more than they need to be spending on Artificial Grass, due to the astronomical prices that the current market offers.

Papa Turf prides itself in providing Quality Artificial Grass at Affordable prices, we buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you.


Papa Turf’s Cost Summary of what to expect when Installing your Artificial Grass Lawn.

Using 50 Square Meters as an example of size area. If you plan on hiring someone in to prepare and lay your Artificial Turf do not be surprised when you are charge €4000-€5000 in total.

Usually they will charge €2000-€2500 for the hard labour work and €2000-€3000 for the materials. You will not have control of the materials unless you specifically notify them that you will be supplying the Artificial Grass.

By using Papa Turf for materials alone you it will cost you between €447.50-€747.50 Inc VAT. Saving you anywhere between €1500 to €2500 on material costs.

If you use our soon to be introduced local tradesmen service we will endeavour to get you a quote for €10-€15 per Square Meter in total costing you for labour €500-€750 to prepare your garden. Immediately saving you between €1500 to €2000 on labour costs.

Your final option is to DIY and lay your grass using Papa Turf Artificial Grass. This is by far the cheapest and most cost effective way of laying an Artificial Grass Garden in today’s market. By doing it this way you will be able to save between €3500-€4500 on installing an Artificial Grass Garden.

The final question you need to ask yourself before starting your project is this. Is saving €4000 on a Artificial Grass Garden installation worth it? If it’s a no then Papa Turf is not for you. We are sticklers for a good value deal and our customers are too.

Visit our blog for further guidance on Artificial Grass tips and visit us at our store online for further facts about our great Quality Artificial Turf. If you have any questions about us or have further facts that we have missed in this blog please feel free to comment below and make it aware!

Have a great day.

Papa Turf

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